3 ways the Upnepa app helps students make smart daily decisions

Data simplifies decision-making. A smart decision could mean the difference between a “B” or “A” grade in a course or subject. Empowering people with data on power supply which they need to make smart decisions is why the Upnepa app exists. We believe real-time information, on power supply at your fingertips, could multiply your productivity.

Nigeria’s power sector is peculiar. Living with unpredictable power supply can be tough. It adds complexity to planning effectively and making decisions — especially when you have deadlines.

I’ve noted 3 decisions the Upnepa app can help you make easily. Everything from allnighters to barbecues. But first, 

What is the Upnepa app?

The Upnepa app is a product of energy detectors. In any community the Upnepa kit (EDS -018) is installed, it tracks energy supply status that is:

  • When power is restored (light on)
  • When  power is disrupted (light off) 
  • Supply time frame (how long power was/has been available)
  • Supplied voltage

The app also shows the energy supply status of all other communities where the EDS-018 is installed.

If the EDS-018 is configured for your household, it can also track your power supply from various sources (grid, inverter or generator). Or even the power supplied to machines and automated processes in factories and industries.

So, without further ado, the first decision the Upnepa app helps with is:

Should I get to school now?

Assignments, online tutorials, projects, games or movies… Should I get to school now to work?

This question birthed Upnepa (check out the story). It is always painful to get to school only to find out there’s been a power outage for hours especially when you planned to stay all night. Hope that power would be restored still causes you to linger for hours. But, more often than not, you have waited in vain, wasted time and wasted transport fare. Worse off is the looming deadline for the assignment. It is migraine-inducing.

With the Upnepa app, you easily avoid situations like these. If you knew there had been a sudden outage two hours earlier, you definitely would have made a smarter decision.

What time and day should I hold my event?

Pre-COVID’19, If you’ve ever run for example a developer event for close to 100 people with 100+ laptops and peripherals you’ll understand why this question is pertinent. A great decision can save you money and a lot of stress. Dinners and parties are not exempted. Every Naira counts. 

Friday night. Fuel or barbecue?


Rahman had to make this decision once. The Upnepa app indicated that there had been a power outage all day. But Rahman could not resist.

“Power should be restored this night”, he thought to himself, his reasoning most likely clouded by the rising smoke. He bought the barbecue. Power was out all night as well, therefore, he couldn’t prepare for the 7 a.m test the following day. The story ends in tears — he lost 10 marks. 

A series of small, smart decisions compound to give a major advantage. Tools like the Upnepa app help you make smart decisions daily that could have an outsized impact.