5 Energy startups that will change Nigeria

Nigeria experiences the greatest number of power outages worldwide. This comes from a report by the World Bank. It cripples the entire economy. It is arguably the one issue that if solved correctly, could totally transform Nigeria. 

We’ve rounded up some startups that are rising to this task:


In marketplaces across Nigeria, noisy generators have become a necessity. Lack of affordable and reliable electricity in Nigeria creates a massive real and opportunity cost to Africa’s largest economy. Nigerian businesses (and citizens) make up for these power deficiencies by spending on power generators.

Rensource is a leading renewable energy and merchant services company that builds and manages solar-powered micro-utilities. These utilities provide electricity to commercial community structures such as large marketplaces. 

Till date, they have saved 178,376 litres of fuel and avoided 322 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions. Rensource provides tools and services to support the digitalization and productivity growth of SMEs in West Africa.


Arnergy empowers clients through design, sale and installation of an affordable and reliable, distributed energy systems. Their solution is targeted but is not limited to, healthcare, education, hospitality, agribusiness and micro-businesses that are driving impact and producing positive economic outcomes in their local economies.

Arnergy leverages local intelligence to optimize resource requirements to ensure customer satisfaction. They develop and deploy market-ready technologies that are scalable, user friendly, and localized and allow our customers to remotely manage their energy assets.

Arnergy operates 3 subscription models:

  • Energy Subscription (ES): A service utility model that is based on a monthly fixed fee over a renewable 10-year contract.
  • Outright Sale (OS): An outright sale option where customers pay the outright cost to purchase a system.
  • Lease to Own (LO): Arnergy’s finance model where the customer leases the asset towards ownership after 36 months.


Lumos developed an easy way for households to access solar electricity. These households pay in small instalments which eliminates the upfront cost associated with solar power.  

Instalments can be paid using airtime from your mobile phone courtesy a partnership with MTN. Lumos also has the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) as partners. 

Compared to the popular fuel generators, Lumos also reduces your electricity expenses while giving you the benefit of accessible, noise-free and fume-free electricity.

With Lumos, you can light up rooms, charge mobile phones and power appliances like fans, TVs and laptops.

The Lumos kit consists of:

  • An 80W Solar Panel unit with Cables
  • A 300Wh Lumos Box
  • A USB Mobile Phone Charger
  • 2 x LED Energy Efficient Bulbs
  • A 60W DC to AC converter

They also offer to fix any technical faults free for 5 years.


The Inability to remotely tell the exact power supply status of a location at any given time and the inability to tell or compare which area has the best power supply (in hours) led the team at Energy detectors to create Upnepa.ng

Upnepa.ng is an IoT-powered platform which gives real-time information and history of electricity supply in supported communities and homes across Nigeria. It detects the current state of power supply (On/Off), records the last time power was restored or disrupted.

Upnepa also supports companies or households who want to track their power consumption, Upnepa can also track your power supply from various sources (grid, inverter or generator). And the power supplied to machines and automated processes in factories and industries.

ICE commercial power

ICE is developing innovative solutions with an ambitious objective: to deliver lower-cost clean energy solutions, that empowers the people who need it the most. ICE’s current offering is targeted at businesses. 

ICE has built a solar energy model structured for Nigeria’s commercial sector. They empower businesses to overcome the constraints of an unreliable public energy grid.

ICE has simplified the transition to reliable energy. They offer:

  • Free consultation
  • Site audit/system design
  • Engineering/permitting
  • Grid installation
  • Final Inspection
  • Monitoring and Maintenance

The ICE Connect App also enables you to monitor your usage from the comfort of your home.

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