5 IoT startups innovating in Nigeria


IoT is making automation ubiquitous, it is birthing new solutions to old problems. It is bringing the physical and digital worlds closer together. Solutions like smart cities, smart homes, smart factories are only possible because of IoT. IoT is literally putting a smart on everything. 

But in Nigeria, IoT is still unpopular tech. There are quite a few startups in Nigeria applying IoT to build solutions but here are some promising few.


What started as a prototype with local gourds has become a cold chain and logistics startup. Starting with Nigeria’s healthcare system GRICD plans to take on the whole cold chain logistics space.

They aim to solve these 3 problems:

  • Vaccine-preventable infectious diseases still cause lots of death. Rural residents in Nigeria do not have access to basic health care services. Especially the most vulnerable population, women and children. 
  • Also, the lack of access to cold chain systems and reliable power supply in Nigeria results in 40% of post-harvest losses.
  • Logistics companies invest in the high cost of acquiring special vehicles and equipment. Special vehicles and cold trucks are expensive for businesses to maintain.

GRICD introduced IoT-enabled cooling boxes to store temperature-sensitive commodities. They come in two variants MOTE15 – 15 L and MOTE50 – 50 L 15 litres and 50 litres respectively. Both can maintain a stable internal temperature of up to -20° C for up to 24 hours.

They have also launched a cold-chain delivery service for temperature-sensitive commodities. 


Before now, tracking trucking operations and activities was a big problem. You would have to rely on phone calls to truck drivers to know where your merchandise is at any point in time. 

Haulr is a platform by Neohaul Technologies to monitor all your trucking operations in real-time. For truck owners, it unlocks the opportunity to prevent empty hauls by sharing your truck availability information with other aggregators. This optimises your fleet’s operating profit.

You also have access to historical data, coupled with real-time updates to analyse and draw out actionable insights.

Energy detectors

The Inability to remotely tell the exact power supply status of a location at any given time and the inability to tell or compare which area has the best power supply (in hours) led the team at Energy detectors to create Upnepa

Upnepa is an IoT-powered platform which gives real-time information and history of electricity supply in supported communities and homes across Nigeria. It detects the current state of power supply (On/Off), records the last time power was restored or disrupted.

Upnepa also supports companies or households who want to track their power consumption, Upnepa can also track your power supply from various sources (grid, inverter or generator). And the power supplied to machines and automated processes in factories and industries. Energy detectors is running a solar relief program. Find out more.

Trep Labs

Trep Labs is pushing the adoption of the internet of medical things in Nigeria. They aim to create low-cost medical devices and services to improve the planning, the processes and the general productivity of medical teams.

Their product Real Drip is a non-invasive device that makes blood transfusion and drip treatment simple and safe. It monitors the flow rate and volume administered to patients.

This device leverages IoT technology to eliminate the guesswork in setting the flow rate, monitoring dosages and time taken as indicated on the treatment plan. A user-friendly dashboard displays this information. The device also sends alerts to keep health professionals informed about each patient’s treatment plan status.


InventOne aims to get people started easily with technologies like Machine Learning and IoT, giving them the ability to do more with technology with little or no expertise.

They developed a mini-computer (called InventOne) that runs a real-time operating system (RTOS). It was designed with IoT functionalities in mind. Invent One allows you to build simple to complex systems, perform experiments, and share your work easily. It is a platform for prototyping IoT-enabled devices.

InventOne has created a visual (drag and drop) software that allows you to instruct, control, monitor and interact with your Invent One board, real-time, from anywhere in the world.

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