5 ways Upnepa serves you and your community

Upnepa is a data-driven platform which gives real-time (On/Off) information and total hours of electricity supply in supported areas, communities and homes across Nigeria. Here are 5 ways Upnepa serves you.

1) Power On/Out status for your community

Growing up, the shout “Up NEPA!!!” immediately followed the restoration of power. It was always a welcome noise. Mischievous children would occasionally play pranks by shouting even when power was not restored. So, with disappointment and mild irritation, I would go back to whatever I was doing. 

The Upnepa app tells you exactly when power is restored for your community and other communities available on the Upnepa platform, where ever you are. It’s awesome to be in Lagos, Nigeria; or Ontario, Canada, and verify the energy status in F.U.T.A, Akure. 

2) Hours since power On/Out  

If you knew how long power has been restored, you would most likely reorder your todo list. This is great for productivity. Because, combining this information with historic power supply data reduces guesswork in planning, as well as anxiety.

For those whose work relies heavily on power from the grid for their daily activities, this anxiety can range from mild to significant. A study on Ghanian students showed that anxiety due to unpredictable power supply had a notable negative effect on their mental health.

Upnepa gives you the tools to make more accurate power-duration estimates, thereby reducing anxiety. 

3) Real-time and historic power supply data

With historic power supply data, predicting future power restorations is made easier. You are better prepared for the day ahead and you exercise more control over your life. Upnepa supplies the number of power supply hours per day, per week and per month.

4) Tracking industrial power consumption

If you knew beforehand that Surulere (an L.G.A in Lagos) had more hours of power supply than Yaba ( also an L.G.A in Lagos), you would have made a smarter decision on the location for your business. For businesses whose margin of profit depends largely on power from the national grid. This kind of information is invaluable.

Also, businesses in this category will benefit from tracking their energy consumption across multiple sources. This gives a very accurate picture of the businesses power expenses and reveals new opportunities to optimise for cost-savings. Need to track energy consumption at your company? Shoot us a mail.

5) Track your household power consumption.

Installing an EDS-018 (the Upnepa setup kit) in your home allows you to track :

  • Power supply from the Grid to your community
  • Power outage status
  • Alternative power sources (solar, inverters, generators )

You can monitor your battery level from your phone at ‎₦1500 a month with zero installation costs. You get a notification 1 hour before your battery runs out and monitor your power consumption via the app. Sponsoring an EDS-018 unit for your community would put your community on the Upnepa platform, you would help a lot of people. Need one for your community? Shoot us a mail.

Also if you haven’t installed a solar generator, this post should get you convinced that a solar generator is a great investment.