Decentralised Power in Nigeria

Decentralised Power in Nigeria?

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Brainstorming session at E-detectors… I suggest decentralised power in Nigeria. Kayode is lost. What does that even mean? Decentralization, as the name implies, is the process of distributing and dispersing power away from a central authority. For power systems in Nigeria, that will be the transformation of our “one-way street” of energy into a multi-directional,
We could get ~24/7 power supply if DisCos get it right

24/7 power supply in Nigeria if DisCos get it right.

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Dr Taiwo Ogunboyo (FUTA, Electrical and Electronic Engineering) is of the opinion that a vital obstacle to uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria lies in secondary distribution networks. He immediately noted the use of inadequate (ageing and overloaded) transformers as being the major problem. 100KVA where 500KVA ought to be used, serving 300 to 400 homes
What China did, what Nigeria should do - COVID19

What China did, what Nigeria should do — COVID19

It’s in. Weeks earlier some thought it would never cross our borders, but it has. While the number of confirmed positive cases worldwide is rapidly rising, there’s a very different story from China.  March 19, 2020, China for the first time recorded zero new locally transmitted case since the pandemic began. A testament to China’s
Fuel Generators or Solar Power in Nigeria: How to make the right choice

Fuel Generators or Solar Power in Nigeria

When you learn to see your expenses as investments you get to make better buying decisions. Although a lot of us know that solar power would be cheaper, in the long run, a lot of people just settle for generators (with a guilty conscience). I believe people act based on the information they have, so

IoT and Analytics versus Nigeria

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What if we unleashed the full potential of IoT and analytics in Nigeria? If you haven’t read this new york times article on how Liverpool use data analysis, especially as they are the current holders of the champions league title; do read that and come back. Because if analytics-done-right can make what most would consider
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