We’ve launched The Upnepa Solar Relief Program!

The Upnepa Power analytics release for the month of May revealed that some communities and Local Government Areas in Nigeria had a very low power supply. Tracking, aggregating and analysing power supply data is the job at Upnepa.ng a product of Energy detectors

It brought to our notice the youths and students who depend on electricity heavily for their study and/or work. Unstable power supply is a major disadvantage, and it can be especially frustrating. Those who can afford it are spending more purchasing fuel. 

It’s hard enough getting accustomed to working from home, avoiding distractions, and getting yourself motivated every day. Unpredictable power supply can be completely demoralising. So, we decided to do something about this. 

Energy detectors is commencing a program we are calling the Upnepa Solar Relief Package. We will be supporting youths with about ₦70,000 naira discount on their most preferred solar product in our list of packages.

The aim is to assist youths living in areas with high power instability with support to get a solar system in order to work better from home as the COVID has made most companies instruct their staffs to work from home.


The package was created with youths in mind. Youths who are:

  • Employed and are working from home due to COVID19.
  • Running their startup and personal digital businesses remotely from home.
  • Studying from home.
  • Living in areas with high-level power deficiency (Lagos State for now).

We believe this will supercharge the productivity of students, freelancers and early-stage startup owners since they now have more control over their schedule and more hours to put some work in.

The first-round of applications for the Upnepa Solar Relief Package opens June 15th till July 30. SELECT A PRODUCT AND APPLY HERE

The Solar Relief Package will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Terms and conditions apply.

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