Upnepa Nigeria Intro

Upnepa.ng is an IOT-powered platform which gives real time information and history of electricity supply in selected communities and homes across Nigeria.

It detects the current state of power supply (On/Off), records the last time power was restored or disrupted and predicts when next it might be restored or disrupted.

During times of general black out, It has the ability to suggest to you, the closest place where private electricity supply (e.g generator) is being utilized.

The Problem

The Inability to remotely tell the exact power supply status of a location at any given time. — Inability to tell or compare which area has the best power supply (in hours). — Difficulty in finding the right location to start a business or factory that depends on public electricity supply.

Our Solution

Upnepa.ng is mobile/web app which works seamlessly with carefully designed smart sensors to give you real time information on the electricity supply status and duration of any selected location(s).

It has been observed that over 85% of students activities depends on the availability of electricity supply. Upnepa,ng has been able to guide students right in planning their movement according to the present state of electricity supply at their respective destination (Home, work, library e.tc)

It has also been observed that most individual interested in renting or buying a new apartment or workspace always want to be certain about the electricity supply history of their new location of interest. Upnepa.ng achieves historic data of different communities telling the public the total number of hours (monthly) each communities receive power supply.