How data makes you a productive superhuman

Till this point in time, improving your productivity could only be achieved by studying books or discovering teachers or mentors with the ability to teach us better thinking patterns and new thinking tools. They help us create new habits we hope will make us more productive.

Although we may not like to admit it large corporations are ideal productivity models. They really get stuff done. Take Apple, for example, 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold since production began. 

How do they get stuff done?

An unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates 

Apple has a bizarrely complex product development process. Big corporations create complex systems and processes that track, monitor and optimise all their operations. Nowadays, these processes evolve regularly with the help of Big data and analytics.

Big data has helped a lot of large organizations to improve their productivity, efficiency, and ability to respond to situations quickly.

With smart devices, it has become commonplace to gather and track big data on a personal level. We have the ability to track nearly everything we do or need to make us super productive. Upnepa for example supplies real-time and historic power supply data needed to make better daily decisions.

Great insights

Waking up one hour before your alarm clock gives you 7 extra hours every week, 1 day and 6 hours every month, 15 extra days in a year. That’s 15 more days to work towards your goals. In one year you’ll be 15 days ahead of your former self. That sounds like you slowed down time, like you just became Superhuman.

In a previous post, I elaborated on Stephen Wolfram’s analysis of his email archive. It helped him understand that without any form of intervention on his part, most issues at work settled themselves before the day was over. 

Now, this is powerful considering Stephen is the CEO of  Wolfram Research. Insights like these are what make you super productive. But they require active data collection. 

Accumulating data about your life affords you the opportunity to examine it. Analysing them gives you the ability to notice possible problems before they occur – another superpower. You now have the opportunity to tackle negative habits or behaviours while they are quite young.

You would not be surprised when it’s getting harder to get up from bed. Work has been stressful lately plus nervousness from the almost impossible-to-meet deadline 2-weeks from now. 

Having this “leverage” of insights available for your personal life could really be a blessing if you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, student or just want to get ahead in this world.

What the future holds?

Nothing short of Cyborg abilities.

We will all have software tools that make correlations between various personal datasets and draw actionable insights. It could also provide exercise or diet recommendations. Software like this could easily put an end to common ailments like ulcers or allergies.

The future will be exciting – especially for those of us who are productivity enthusiasts. In no time at all, we will each have the capabilities and tools necessary to optimize our lives.

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