How to protect your home or office equipment against power surges

Source: MrElectric

A power surge is an unexpected jump in regular voltage (230 volts for Nigeria). 

Power surges can cause severe damage to expensive devices at home or in the office. We are mostly aware of severe surges but not small power surges that last less than a microsecond. The damage by these small surges, build up over time. 

Causes of power surge tripped power lines, lightening, appliances switching on and off, bad wiring and high power demand.

Some kinds of power surges are impossible to prevent. But here are some tips to prevent their damage to expensive devices

  1. Use surge protectors for your appliances. While they may not protect against the extremely high voltage from lighting. They will prevent smaller frequent surges whose damage build up.
  2. Install a surge protection system for your home or office: While they may be more pricey installing these heavy-duty protectors will ensure all your devices are safe even from lightening.
  3. Unplug sensitive devices during severe weather conditions. Power surges may still damage devices plugged in even if they are powered off. 
  4. Routinely inspect your home wiring. Faulty wiring is one of the most common causes of power surges. If you have an older house or notice rodents, a full electrical inspection may be necessary. 
  5. Use power outlets deliberately: Plugging energy-hungry devices into one power outlet can cause your electrical wirings to heat up. This leads to fluctuations in voltage that can damage your device.

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