How Upnepa can help you pick a better home in Lagos

Finding a new home is an experience we all loathe and almost promise never to do again. Sure, picking a home can be tricky. If you make a wrong decision you would have to live with it for usually no less than 12 months. 

Lagos is home to about 23 million people, adding 77 people every hour. The demand for housing is rising. And in cities this populated, searching for a new home can be a full-time week-long job. 

A 2019 Aljazeera report describes finding a home on a budget to rent in Lagos as a mission almost impossible. The truth is that it can be as easy or as challenging as you make it.

There are a plethora of platforms available now to help you find a home in Lagos. Now, with every listing you see, you will typically ask yourself these questions

  1. What is your preferred location? 
  2. What kinds of people live there? 
  3. Does it meet your standards? 
  4. Is it susceptible to flooding? 
  5. Is there network coverage? 
  6. Proximity to work, children’s school and market?
  7. How secure is the area?
  8. How secure is the property itself (Doors, windows e.t.c)? 

And more like these. However, one crucial question is what is the power supply rate?

An area with frequent power supply will reduce your living expenses and ease a lot of stress. You wouldn’t want to rely on the agent trying to close the deal as quickly as possible for this type of information.

This is where the Upnepa app can help you.

What is the Upnepa app?

The Upnepa app from Energy detectors tracks power supply status in communities it supports, that is:

  • When power is restored (light on)
  • When  power is disrupted (light off) 
  • Supply time frame (how long power was/has been available)
  • Supplied voltage

With the Upnepa app, you can compare locations for the best power supply rate and make a better decision among your desired options. You can also monitor the areas “remotely” for some time to even determine if their power supply schedule fits your lifestyle. 

Now I’ve just given you a superpower that’s pretty neat. Download the app here. Stay updated by following us Our LinkedIn Page or Twitter Page. You can also get our monthly email updates by subscribing to our newsletter.