Letters from Productivity: I

Dear Friend, 

It has been quite a while. How are you doing? I understand. This period has been hectic for me also. I have somewhat become the talk of the town, I enjoy the celebrity status though. Everybody wants to bask in my glow, they all want to be able to tell everyone else that they had breakfast with me. 

Though, the truth is, I love the attention. Who wouldn’t? Of course, there are those fakers, people I haven’t met yet but who boast saying they know my favourite colour.

Fluff! Their con will be revealed on the altar of time. I pity them if anything, and silently hope they would truly come to know me. 

I worry about you, my close friends, who take pains to truly know me. I am humbled by your attention and diligence, by how much effort you put in.

Maybe my letters will help you understand me better and help our relationship blossom. It’s the least I can do to honour your hustle. 

There is a story I love very much, I tell all my friends, you probably have heard a version of it. 

Three men were given three trees to cut, each to his own. One earnestly gets to it and begins to work the tree roots, the other pulls an axe from his pouch and begins to sharpen it. The last man leaves for town to ask who knows how he could deal with his tree. 

Fortunately, he finds somebody who loans him a chainsaw and teaches him how to use it, then he heads back to the forest. Want to guess whose tree comes down first? 

No-brainer, you are right! There’s a couple of lessons in this story but the first and really the most important one is the question of how good are you at your hustle? How much do you understand your work? 

Discover what your competencies are and become the best at them. Go to town and ask questions. Consult, research, learn and become excellent at your craft. The knowledge or competence you gain is what will help you identify tasks, tools and also decisions that are integral to getting-stuff-done. 

We will get into that in more detail in the next letter. Till then, always remember that I dwell only in the company of knowledge and competence. 

Best wishes,


P.S: What do you think my favourite colour is? Tell me what you think.


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