One Sure Way To Save Nature.

I remember growing up, there used to be a big Milo tin on our dining table and then one day, Mum added a new feature, a small measuring spoon and a sign that read “2 scoops per serving”. 

This memory reflects the world’s present condition to me. Earth’s resources like that Milo tin is finite and draining really fast. Climate change is another significant global environmental issue. Increasing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are largely related to the production and use of fossils fuels. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from the burning of fossil fuels accounts for roughly 55% to 60% of global GHG emissions.

Environmental advocates say that Earth energy reserves in the form of oil, coal and gas will run out by 2080. They are clamouring for alternatives, for affordable energy sources and more responsible consumption — in my mother’s wisdom, the sign and a measuring spoon. 

The thing with measuring spoons is that they only work, or help reduce consumption if people actually use them. 

Our energy resources need champions. In my Milo tin story, my sister was the champion, I wasn’t. So, much really didn’t change, not until I got a sound whooping. 

Today, there are quite a number of measuring spoons. Quite a number of tools and systems and that allow us to manage our energy consumption efficiently, save on energy costs and provide us with analytics and information to make better energy decisions. 

Electra from Energy Detectors is one of such tools that stands out. It provides this solution seamlessly, for businesses as well as households. The earth needs champions like my sister to help our energy reserves last longer, and reduce emissions from fossils. It needs me and you to use tools like Electra.

I might have disappointed my mother the first time. I will not fail Mother nature this time. For Information about Electra and how you can get started too, Follow the link

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