Outputs vs Outcomes


It’s been like almost decades hope you are doing great.

You know when most people think of me, Productivity. Most people think outputs, how much is done, how many classes you attended, how many books you read. Fair enough those things are easier to measure compared to how much you actually learnt from those books or classes.

Outputs are whatever you do to achieve an outcome. Outcomes, on the other hand, are the results of outputs. This subtle distinction begs the question, do you focus on the outputs or outcomes?

Being Outputs-minded is sticking to a particular process, ever heard the phrase 

“Focus on the process, not the result”? 

Yes, that one. The problem is if you stick to the process you keep getting the same results and at times diminishing returns. Especially when you consider two people can do the same thing and get a different result. 

It subtly suggests you don’t look for better, easier, cheaper and faster ways to achieve your certain outcomes. 

It’s easy to get into this type of thinking because then you have to deal with uncertainty. Humans are very uncertainty-averse, we want security and predictability. We want to have a sense of control. Uncertainty can leave you feeling powerless.

Nonetheless, we need to focus on outcomes, not outputs. Outputs give us high-scoring students with no real ability to apply what they know to the real world. Or the apps on your phone vs the apps you actually use.

The major problems with outcomes are identifying the right ways to measure progress. Once we get past that you’re well on your way to supercharging your productivity.

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