The Art of Boredom

Boring day at work you say

When was the last time you were bored?

“While waiting in line for a coffee, I noticed a man biting his lip as he waited, wincing his eyes and nervously swaying on his feet. A little boy tried to blow bubbles with his spit as his mother stared at her phone. Two women laughed about the inept advances men had made to them on” – Grant Faulkner

Grant is bored, bored out of his mind. But as soon as you overcome the initial heart-wrenching instinctive feeling to do something stimulating, something magical happens. The world around you comes back to life (as though it were never there). 

It turns out when your mind is empty it is forced to notice and create to fill up the emptiness. 

What’s the most-rated soft skill? 

Creativity. Being bored signals to the mind that you’re in need of fresh thoughts and spurs creative thinking. 

Before Andrew invented online social media (No, it’s not Zuckerberg). Getting bored was almost unavoidable. Nowadays you may need to set a reminder to get bored. 

When the mind finds itself in an interlude of rest, synapses connect in different ways, and new thoughts form. Moments of boredom resemble sleep.

So there you have it. The solution to your seeming lack of creativity. Just let your mind slouch on its couch of emptiness and watch the world fill up with intriguing details and ideas.

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