Upnepa First Analytic Release

The month of September ended successfully with our first release of Upnepa Analytics New Letter and Infographs. Our real-time monitoring system was piloted across 3 communities located within the environs of The Federal University of Technology (FUTA) in the city of Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Daily average power restoration and outages

Being the first Nigerian startup to leverage IoT technology in monitoring and analyse power supply and outages in real-time from the energy consumer’s end with an aim to drive power distribution transparency (between community inhabitants and public power distributors) and create deep insight for clean energy distribution companies willing to provide complimentary energy solutions, we look forward to building an interactive dashboard equipped with digital tools and map visualisations showing different communities and their monthly power supply time (sourced from out smart technology deployed in this communities).

With this, energy solution providers and investors can utilise our real time dashboard to get deeper insights on WHERE and WHO need their solutions, best places to locate their sales distribution points and increase access to energy.

Summary on power supply and outage analysis

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