Upnepa analytics power supply report for Oye Ekiti (MAY 2020)

Oye is the major town of the Oye Local Government Area in Ekiti State, Nigeria. It hosts the prestigious Federal University Oye Ekiti with 8 undergraduate faculties and a school of postgraduate studies. It is a college of about 18,500 undergraduates, 20,000 students in all.

Students were mostly out of school during the month of May. This was due to the lockdown imposed on all educational institutions in response to the COVID’19 pandemic. But, one would expect that during this time access to electricity supply would be at its peak since there are a few consumers for the power supplied.

Upnepa analytics power supply report for Oye Ekiti (MAY 2020)
Upnepa analytics power supply report for Oye Ekiti (MAY 2020)

Well, if this is the best then it’s lamentable. Upnepa’s real-time power status logging system reveals that for 744 hours during the month of May 2020, total power supply time was 68 hours 26 mins. That is less than 3 days out of the 31 in. This definitely trickles down to every sector of society.


Apart from the obvious productivity decline of students subjected to such situations, a study shows that an unpredictable power supply affects students whose work largely depends on it.

“ We found in this study that overall, nearly 26 % of the students that participated in the study indicated that they felt nervous, anxious or on edge almost daily. This suggests that the erratic power supply in the country influenced the mental wellbeing of more than a quarter of the tertiary level students. ”

Also, more than 30 % indicated having the same feeling for “several days” due to the erratic power supply situation in the country. Additionally, 23.1 % of the students in this study had a severe generalized anxiety disorder as a result of the erratic power supply. 

This could be due to a number of factors, including students’ inability to carry on with their routine academic activities such as conducting an online search, completing class assignments and overall academic work that is increasingly becoming technology dependent in Ghana.

This could be because of various factors: 

  • An unstable routine of daily activities 
  • Inability to carry out academic activities
  • Inability to complete assignments or academic work

Since academic work that is increasingly becoming technology-dependent.


Imagine running a barbers shop, bakery or frozen foods store in this locality. The losses can be crippling. Its a shot in the leg for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Many SMEs invest in their own stand-by generators to ensure electricity supply, but these are often expensive compared to electricity from the grid. Some type of businesses are simply not feasible due to this single factor of unreliable power supply.

The ripple effects of the power shortages and constant outages appear in price hikes of basic services like laundry that require electricity or even lesser quality products from SMEs trying to cut costs.


The useful lifetime of home appliances in communities like this tremendously decrease. The reliability of any appliance is important to their owners. Because It determines if the appliance was a good investment.  Unstable power supply, low/high voltage supply considerably reduce the time these appliances to need repair or get dumped. 

Oye, Ekiti is one of the communities on the Upnepa platform. The Upnepa app displays real-time power supply information. 

  • When power is restored (light on)
  • When  power is disrupted (light off) 
  • Supply time frame (how long power was/has been available).

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